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Vol 5 (2016) 'That didn't happen': Memorial Consequences of False Denials for Neutral and Negative Material Abstract   PDF
Sanne Tessa Louise Houben
Vol 5 (2016) A Pilot Study on the Effectiveness of a Heat-Pain Stimulus to induce Pain, Anxiety, and Fear Abstract   PDF
Guillaume Durand
Vol 4 (2015) A systematic review of the effect of early onset cognitive rehabilitation on acquired brain injury patients from a neural perspective. Abstract   PDF
Melloney Leonarda Maria Wijenberg
Vol 4 (2015) Abnormal Volumetric Alterations in the Schizophrenic Brain. Abstract   PDF
Rik Ubaghs
Vol 5 (2016) Another Piece to the Puzzle: Accounting for the Reminiscence Bump Abstract   PDF
Bo Aben
Vol 4 (2015) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Potential gateway to pathological gambling Abstract   PDF
Hilma Halme
Vol 4 (2015) Burned-out surgeons – a review of risk factors and intervention types Abstract   PDF
Schadi Ebrahimi
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Cabbage, Cars and Beer? An examination of Dual Attitudes towards the Concept “German” Abstract   PDF
Sabine Lenz
Vol 4 (2015) Chased by wolves: Effects of a threat prime on working-memory in Portuguese and Hong Kong populations Abstract   PDF
Matthias Voss
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Driving home for Christmas: Influences of music tempo and inhibition training on simulated driving performance Abstract   PDF
Chris Makkinje
Vol 1 (2012): MSJPN False memories and subsequent false testimonies Abstract   PDF
Roderick Bronzwaer
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Fear to get near: personal space in individuals with psychopathic traits Abstract   PDF
Martijn van Teffelen
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Functional and anatomical connectivity in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Multi-modal magnetic resonance imaging study Abstract   PDF
Emma Biggs
Vol 3 (2014) GABAA receptor-mediated tonic transmission in sleep-wake cycles Abstract
Wiesje Pelkmans
Vol 1 (2012): MSJPN How our brains are wired: Are the applications of diffusion imaging useful given the current limitations? Abstract   PDF
Sylvia Kreutzer
Vol 5 (2016) Hungry or Stressed? Relationship between Stress and Attention for Food-related Words Abstract   PDF
Anneline Akkersdijk, Jolein Hallegraeff, Laura Angioletti, William Janssen, Laura Knops, Klara Lautermann, Cristina Milev
Vol 5 (2016) Investigating the Influence of a Time-based Incentive on Choice Blindness Detection Rates Abstract   PDF
Moritz Krusche, Carina Kraft, Anahita Shafiei Sabet, Rosalie Mourmans, Lea Bentz, Katharina Gillessen, Ann-Katrin Gräber
Vol 3 (2014) Involvement of the FKBP5 gene in the pathogenesis of stress-related disorders and antidepressant response: An update Abstract   PDF
Irene Trilla
Vol 4 (2015) Jet lag: symptoms, causation and minimization Abstract   PDF
Jenny Rutten
Vol 3 (2014) Lacking control, Pattern Perception, and Symptom Overendorsement Abstract   PDF
Leonie Banning
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Letter from the Editorial Board Abstract   PDF
Anke Sambeth, Silke Conen, Luís Tojo, Tim Leufkens
Vol 1 (2012): MSJPN Letter from the editorial board Abstract   PDF
Anke Sambeth, Silke Conen, Tim Leufkens
Vol 4 (2015) Letter from the Editorial Board Abstract   PDF
Anke Sambeth
Vol 5 (2016) Letter from the Editorial Board Abstract   PDF
Laurien Nagels-Coune, Anke Sambeth, Silke Conen, Tim Leufkens, Madeleine Dalsklev, Caroline Benjamins, Stefan Jongen, Laura Borghans, Astrid Meesters
Vol 3 (2014) Letter from the editors Abstract   PDF
Anke Sambeth, Silke Conen, Luís Tojo, Laurien Nagels-coune, Tim Leufkens
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