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Vol 5 (2016) 'That didn't happen': Memorial Consequences of False Denials for Neutral and Negative Material Abstract   PDF
Sanne Tessa Louise Houben
Vol 5 (2016) A Pilot Study on the Effectiveness of a Heat-Pain Stimulus to induce Pain, Anxiety, and Fear Abstract   PDF
Guillaume Durand
Vol 4 (2015) A systematic review of the effect of early onset cognitive rehabilitation on acquired brain injury patients from a neural perspective. Abstract   PDF
Melloney Leonarda Maria Wijenberg
Vol 4 (2015) Abnormal Volumetric Alterations in the Schizophrenic Brain. Abstract   PDF
Rik Ubaghs
Vol 5 (2016) Another Piece to the Puzzle: Accounting for the Reminiscence Bump Abstract   PDF
Bo Aben
Vol 4 (2015) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Potential gateway to pathological gambling Abstract   PDF
Hilma Halme
Vol 4 (2015) Burned-out surgeons – a review of risk factors and intervention types Abstract   PDF
Schadi Ebrahimi
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Cabbage, Cars and Beer? An examination of Dual Attitudes towards the Concept “German” Abstract   PDF
Sabine Lenz
Vol 4 (2015) Chased by wolves: Effects of a threat prime on working-memory in Portuguese and Hong Kong populations Abstract   PDF
Matthias Voss
Vol 6, No 1 (2017) Colofon 2017 Abstract   PDF
Laurien Nagels-Coune
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Driving home for Christmas: Influences of music tempo and inhibition training on simulated driving performance Abstract   PDF
Chris Makkinje
Vol 6, No 1 (2017) Effects of Methylphenidate on Memory and Attention in Healthy Adults Abstract   PDF
Nadine Jansen
Vol 1 (2012): MSJPN False memories and subsequent false testimonies Abstract   PDF
Roderick Bronzwaer
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Fear to get near: personal space in individuals with psychopathic traits Abstract   PDF
Martijn van Teffelen
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Functional and anatomical connectivity in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Multi-modal magnetic resonance imaging study Abstract   PDF
Emma Biggs
Vol 3 (2014) GABAA receptor-mediated tonic transmission in sleep-wake cycles Abstract
Wiesje Pelkmans
Vol 1 (2012): MSJPN How our brains are wired: Are the applications of diffusion imaging useful given the current limitations? Abstract   PDF
Sylvia Kreutzer
Vol 5 (2016) Hungry or Stressed? Relationship between Stress and Attention for Food-related Words Abstract   PDF
Anneline Akkersdijk, Jolein Hallegraeff, Laura Angioletti, William Janssen, Laura Knops, Klara Lautermann, Cristina Milev
Vol 6, No 1 (2017) Influence of Aerobic Exercise Induced Arousal on Neutral Word List Retrieval in Young Adults Abstract   PDF
Dorien Blezer, Shauna Cortenraad, Janin Duijn, Sofia Kalaai, Alexandra Pres, Anuschka Theden, Lieveke Vonk
Vol 5 (2016) Investigating the Influence of a Time-based Incentive on Choice Blindness Detection Rates Abstract   PDF
Moritz Krusche, Carina Kraft, Anahita Shafiei Sabet, Rosalie Mourmans, Lea Bentz, Katharina Gillessen, Ann-Katrin Gräber
Vol 3 (2014) Involvement of the FKBP5 gene in the pathogenesis of stress-related disorders and antidepressant response: An update Abstract   PDF
Irene Trilla
Vol 4 (2015) Jet lag: symptoms, causation and minimization Abstract   PDF
Jenny Rutten
Vol 3 (2014) Lacking control, Pattern Perception, and Symptom Overendorsement Abstract   PDF
Leonie Banning
Vol 2 (2013): MSJPN Letter from the Editorial Board Abstract   PDF
Anke Sambeth, Silke Conen, Luís Tojo, Tim Leufkens
Vol 1 (2012): MSJPN Letter from the editorial board Abstract   PDF
Anke Sambeth, Silke Conen, Tim Leufkens
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