Resilience assessment of Maastricht as a social-ecological system

  • Elise Droste Maastricht University
Keywords: sustainability, Maastricht, social, ecological, assessment


The aim of this report is to assess the resilience of Maastricht as a multi-level, dynamic, social-ecological system by following the ‘Workbook for Practitioners’ by the Resilience Alliance (2010). A description of the system outlines historical events that had impacts on the landscape, such as urban expansion and the mining of limestone. The evaluation concludes that Maastricht finds itself at a point in a dynamic adaptive cycle of events where citizens’ awareness of nature and global environmental issues led to reconsiderations of ecological values and the reorganisation of the city according to these values. The assessment applauds the adaptive governance approach of the city and the current implementation of various ‘greening projects’. However, issues regarding possible lack of system resilience are criticised. Among others, recommendations are given related to increasing species diversity within and surrounding the urban area of Maastricht.

Author Biography

Elise Droste, Maastricht University
University College Maastricht