Navigating healthcare systems: Is there a solution to healthy ageing?


  • Freya Tilleman Université de Montréal


sustainability, healthcare systems, ageing


Across cultures and countries, people have different understandings of what health entails, so improving the health of the elderly would also mean improving different health factors. Universal health as a notion is an illusionary idea, because it is context-dependent. Countries face different issues with elderly populations, and so they have different objectives for their healthcare systems. Even when elderly populations have similar problems, the social, political and cultural differences between countries make the implementation of universal health measures impossible. Countries’ healthcare systems are already different due to the different circumstances, and so healthy ageing should be promoted in a more localised fashion. Healthcare systems are not efficient in addressing local issues when the different understandings of health are not respected. For a healthcare system to work to its full potential, measures have to be adapted to local needs, local values, and local priorities. Healthy ageing might be a universal problem, but it has no universal solution.

Author Biography

Freya Tilleman, Université de Montréal

Faculty of Geography

Semester Abroad Programme of University College Maastricht