From Ceramic Centre to Creative Hub

  • Hanna Hesemans Maastricht University
Keywords: Creative hub, European Creative Hub Network, Sphinx factory, Maastricht, redevelopment


This paper investigates how the concept of the Creative Hub – a term employed to define spaces of creativity that foster knowledge, innovation and economic growth – can form a positive addition to the creative redevelopment of the former Sphinx factory buildings in Maastricht. The policy of the European Creative Hub Network initiated by the British Council with support of the European Commission in the beginning of 2016 is applied to the policies of the Maastricht municipality with respect to the former Sphinx Factory. After setting up preliminary categories from the policy documents of the British Council, a research method of coding is employed to investigate the policy documents of the municipality of Maastricht. Similarities and differences are then highlighted. It is concluded that the Sphinx could benefit from more community involvement, individual initiative, a bottom up approach, a broader definition of creativity, less focus on regeneration, more flexibility and more inclusiveness.