Open Journals offers a platform for hosting digital Journals for Maastricht University.


  • The Maastricht Journal of Liberal Arts

    The Maastricht Journal of Liberal Arts (MJLA) is a peer-reviewed journal which encourages and rewards excellence in bachelor research. The articles are carefully selected from a large number of submissions and represent the best research conducted by University College Maastricht (UCM) students. The topics tackled in the published papers are wide ranging, as is to be expected of a multi disciplinary journal and their scope and methodologies reflect the different disciplines studied at the college.


  • MaRBLe

    The Maastricht Research Based Learning for Excellence programme facilitates the development of research projects for highly motivated and excellent undergraduate students.

  • Maastricht Student Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience

    Maastricht Student Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience (MSJPN) aims to provide students with a valuable and complete experience of publishing scientific writings, both as authors and as reviewers. The journal is first and foremost aimed to be a product created by and for students. By assisting students in the writing and reviewing process MSJPN aims to publish high quality papers.

    Any type of paper may be submitted to the journal, which will be judged by staff editors for their suitability. When found potentially suitable, student reviewers will provide review reports upon which a decision is based by one of the editors to accept, request revisions of, or reject the paper. Editors aim to publish the majority of submitted papers, such that student will experience the entire publication process.