Does Resistance Training Have Positive Effects on Redox Homeostasis in the Human Body?


  • Hanna Hoogen


Regular aerobic or resistance training are related to better body composition, greater physical and mental health, and a reduction in all-cause mortality. Physical exercise also lowers the risk for diseases that are related to chronic oxidative stress like cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders. Paradoxically, exercise induces oxidative stress in the body. This review aims to investigate the positive effects of resistance training on redox homeostasis in the human body. From the studies reviewed here, it can be concluded that regular resistance training leads to training adaptations of the antioxidant system. These adaptations enable the body to cope better with future oxidative stress induced by exercise or other bodily or environmental factors. This effect has been demonstrated over different ages, gender, health status, as well as resistance training intensities. Therefore, it should be recommended as a general health behavior for the prevention and potential therapy of a wide range of diseases.