The Anti-Corruption Argument for High Public Official Remuneration in Singapore


  • Tom Theuns



This chapter investigates the anti-corruption argument for a principle of comparability between public and private sectors determining HPO remuneration in Singapore. The analysis use the argumentative structure of Stephen Toulmin and the associated methodology of Analytic Discourse Evaluation, developed by Teun Dekker, as the primary tool of investigation. Part 1 describes the circumstances surrounding the comparably high wages in the Singaporean public sector. Part 2 reconstructs the anti-corruption argument for comparative remuneration of high public officials (HPOs) in Singapore, showing it to rest on normative Claims about fairness. Part 3 evaluates the reconstruction, focusing on the plausibility of the general Claim that a comparative salary reduces HPO corruption, on the mechanism of the principle of comparability, and on the Claim that a comparable salary is a demand of justice.


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