Mindfulness and dyspareunia: a study of how our mind can dissolve sexual pain


  • E.A.M. Perez Cruz




Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism and consists of present moment awareness, attention and acceptance. It is frequently part of a comprehensive treatment protocol, most often cognitive behavioural treatments. This thesis gives an overview on the literature of mindfulness and sexual dysfunctions, dyspareunia in specific, and provides a first step in developing a protocol to test the effectiveness of a mindfulness only intervention. Sufficient evidence has been found in the literature to support the fact that a mindfulness only treatment is indeed effective in treating dyspareunia. Mindfulness decreases the experience of sexual pain during a sexual activity through present moment awareness, attention and acceptance. The findings of this article will lead to further research on the effect of a mindfulness only intervention on dyspareunia and perhaps other sexual dysfunctions and psychological disorders.


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