Involvement of the FKBP5 gene in the pathogenesis of stress-related disorders and antidepressant response: An update

  • Irene Trilla Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University


The FKBP5 gene has been shown to modulate stress responses by regulating glucocorticoid receptor sensitivity. Because stressful events are increasingly recognized as important environmental risk factors of psychiatric disorders, FKBP5 has recently become a candidate gene in research on stress-related conditions. This review aims to provide a concise overview of current knowledge about the FKBP5 gene and its clinical implications and suggest directions for future research. Firstly, the functional role of the gene will be described. Associations with affective and post-traumatic stress disorders will then be discussed in the context of gene-by-environment interactions. Finally, the usefulness of FKBP5 genotype as predictor of antidepressant drug response will be outlined.