Vol. 3 (2015): Inside Local Democracy

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Letter from the editor

This volume contains the report on the empirical research done in the framework of the MaRBLe project ‘Inside local democracy’ in the Spring of 2015. All over Europe there is concern about the state of our democracy and the relationship between citizens and politicians. In this project the participants have focused on this relationship at the local level. In the system of multi-level governance in Europe, the local level of governance is the closest to citizens. They conducted in-depth interviews with thirty local councillors in four different municipalities in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, to find out more about the role behaviour of local politicians vis-à-vis citizens in their municipality. In four chapters the results of the empirical research in the different municipalities are presented and analysed and the report concludes with a chapter on the main findings.


Maastricht, September 2015

Klaartje Peters and Sander van Berghen


Published: 2016-04-11