Vol. 1 (2016): Quantitative Methods in Business and Economics

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Letter from the editorThis volume is a rather short one. Due to technical and logistical problems it contains only two papers. However, I am happy that it is still possible to publish both papers. The papers are written in the Econometrics and Operations Research programme during the academic year 2014/15. Ellissa Verseput represents the field of Operations Research. Her research focused on cost savings in shipments, using a mixed linear approach. Nikolaus Landgraf represents the field of Mathematical Econometrics. His research focused on detecting the presence of bubbles in asset prices, using Monte Carlo simulations. By publishing the Marble series we provide a platform for dissemination of bachelor research and stressing its relevance. Furthermore, we hope to stimulate students to do excellent research and contribute to knowledge creation. Maastricht, January 2017Jan Nijhuisjfh.nijhuis@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Published: 2017-01-11