Vol. 1 (2018): Research in Business and Economics

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I am happy that it was possible to create a new volume of the marble series on Economics and Business. Due to the willingness of students and the quality of the papers, we cover most of the disciplines in the field. In this way we cover many aspects of the field and hopefully set the standard for future marble series. Both in quality and in range of interesting topics relevant for society. Eline Roomer starts with a paper in the field of Organization. She focuses on the question how business practitioners can encourage voice behaviour (i.e. communicating opinions and concerns to improve business functioning).  Furthermore, she evaluates the moderating effect of work discipline on this relationship between power distance and voice. Data was collected from a survey sent out to mainly Dutch and German employees who are active on the labour market.  Carla Schmitt represents a study in Economics focuses on the victory of Donald J. Trump, more specific she focuses on the importance of economic factors for individual voting behaviour. To that regard, the analysis focuses on determining which factors influenced the outcome of the 2016 U.S. Chris de Koning a student in the field of Finance. He used yearly panel data for 83 globally dispersed banks is collected over the period 2002-2015 to answer the question: What are the effects of reputation and corporate social responsibility on the financial performance of banks? Chris Eule, majoring in information management investigated the question whether there is a relation between varying legal disclosure environments and the level of IT governance disclosure by companies. To investigate this relationship, 48 companies´ 2015 annual reports are analysed in accordance with an IT governance disclosure framework. Sacha de Nijs representing the field of International Economics answer the following question: To what extent can the grants provided by the Central Emergency Response Fund decrease the output growth volatility caused by natural disasters? using a panel database  which contains data on 83 countries over the time period 2006-2015. Emma de Groot contributes to the field of accounting, addressing the effects of market share dynamics on audit quality in the U.S. audit market from fiscal years 2005 to 2013. Johanna Schonbron, specializing in the field of supply chain management analyzed the adoption of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in the retail industry. Upon the review of substantial literature on technology adoption in the information management field, a two-factor model is established. This model incorporates enablers and inhibitors of RFID adoption, retrieved from reviewing supply chain management literature. Next, the model is then tested in three expert interviews. Finally, Philipp Alt representing the field of strategy investigated the impact of innovation on performance in the European automotive industry. More specifically, using secondary data for 98 observations and running multiple regression models, this study examines the effect of the number of both total and green patent applications, and R&D intensity on return on assets. Also in this volume, Marble students in the field of Business and Economics demonstrate their capabilities to do interesting and relevant research. I hope that these examples inspire future Marble students to conduct research and contribute to new knowledge in economics and business. Jan NijhuisMaastricht, June 2018
Published: 2018-06-13