Vol. 2 (2015): Research in Business and Economics

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Letter from the editor In this volume the best papers in 2013_14 from the different disciplines in business and economics are represented. The coordinators of the different disciplines have selected the best paper in their field, resulting in a variety of research methodologies. For finance, Lukas Hein focused on the Correlation and Volatility Transmission among Equity, Gold, Oil and Foreign Exchange using a time series approach. For marketing, Susann Heinz, used experiments to research the effect of making a derived food choice for a relevant other on the pre-fulfilment of one’s own health goal. Macroeconomics is represented by Aurélien Rigolet, researching the effects of major natural disasters on developing and underdeveloped countries using panel data analysis. For accounting the paper of Leonard Strauß was selected, he used secondary data from a survey to analyse conditional inter-dependencies between behavioural constraints, incentives and employee selection. Anna Lina Tholen, choose the specialization micro-economics. She used ordinary least squares regressions to find out whether a statistical relationship between ethnic group representativeness and the effect on political conflict exists. Maastricht, May 2015 Jan Nijhuis
Published: 2016-06-21