Vol. 2 (2018): Quantitative methods in Business and Economics

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I am happy that it was possible to compile a new issue for Quantitative method in Business and Economics. Four invited students have made  the necessary changes to their bachelor thesis to make it publishable. Carien Leushuis represents the field of econometrics with a thesis on the question whether state space models have the potential to predict the outcome of Australian Rules Football matches and can produce significant positive return over the bookmaker’s odds.  Li Yang represents the field of Actuarial Sciences, using the paper ‘Quantile credibility models’ by Georgios Pitselis, It introduces credibility theory and shows how quantiles can be incorporated in the B¨uhlmann-Straub model and the Hachemeister’s regression model. Bas van Andel’s paper is in the field of Operations Research and focuses on the transportation of shipments from suppliers to production sites, using data from an existing company. Finally, Kyara Lucas presents her findings in the field of Mathematical Economics,  investigating how the one-to-one deferred acceptance algorithm can be used to solve the many-to-one school choice problem. All four thesis discuss interesting topcis and are examples of excellent bachelor research.  Enjoy reading, Jan NijhuisApril 2018jfh.nijhuis@maastrichtuniversity.nl 
Published: 2018-04-22