Vol. 1 (2015): Quantitative Methods in Business and Economics

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Letter from the editorAfter several paper versions of the Marble series for SBE, I am happy to present the first eversion of the Marble series. With the help of Peter Verberne, Web developer at the Library of Maastricht University, the e-journal was set up. Peter created the appropriate working environment and answered all the questions which accompanied the introduction of a new system. Four papers written in the Econometrics and Operations Research programme during the academic year 2013/14 were selected by Dries Vermeulen, the Marble coordinator, and Jean Pierre Urbain, representing the different strands in the field. Samuel Feder represents the field of Operations Research, with a paper on scheduling in a job shop. Wouter van Wel researched mortality modelling, representing the field of Actuarial Science. Michael Pollman did research in the field of Econometrics focusing on the question of model selection. Finally, Joost Veth (Mathematical Econometrics) addressed the problem of polarisation. As most papers in econometrics are written in Latex, I am grateful to Bouke Klein Teeselink, who edited the manuscripts to fulfil the style requirements of the Marble series. By publishing the Marble series we provide a platform for dissemination of bachelor research and stressing its relevance. Furthermore, we hope to stimulate students to do excellent research and contribute to knowledge creation. Maastricht, May 2015
Published: 2016-06-21